Group Therapy

Sugar Land Counseling Center offers group therapy as a place for people to come together to gain  support, to share, get feedback from others, and offer feedback to others.  Group therapy is intended to be a safe place and has different benefits from individual therapy.  Groups meet once weekly, and it is important to be able to commit to the group sessions in order to preserve the integrity of the group.  Currently, there are two ongoing groups.   Group therapy rates are $30-$40 per session ($40 with a $10 discount for those who are in concurrent individual therapy).  Continue to check our website periodically as we offer different groups at different times.   To learn more about the current groups, see the descriptions below.   For more information on any  of our groups or to register for a group, please call Sugar Land Counseling Center at 832-876-3232

High School Group

This group is intended for students in high school.  Topics addressed will be determined based upon the needs and requests of the group members.  Group will likely address issues such as social interactions/social skills, friendships, family issues, gaining independence, and preparing for beyond high school.    


Group meets Saturdays from 12-12:50pm

Group led by Kamau Richard, LPC

19-22 year olds

This group is intended for those aged 19-22 who are determining and navigating college concerns, time management, focus issues, transition in their lives, and other issues. 

Group meets Wednesdays from 6-6:50 pm

Group led by Tim Coulter, LPC

23-26 year olds

This group is intended for 23-26 year olds who are focusing on completing college and/or finding employment, gaining independence, family issues, and other issues.  

Group meets Fridays from 11-11:50 am

Group led by Dr. Jennifer Norten, Ph.D.


Jet Setters

This group is intended for those who are over 60.  Topics will be determined based on the group members issues.  This group offers a supportive environment to share thoughts and concerns with similar aged individuals.   Please call 832-876-3232 to register.

Group meets Mondays from 12-1:20 pm

Group led by Dr. Renata Nero, Ph.D.


Spirituality Group

Open to those ages 18+.  This group will focus on areas of spirituality.  This is a group that will focus on how we can use spirituality and ancient eastern  science, wisdom, and philosophy to positively affect our entire being and day to day functioning.  Please call 832-876-3232 to register.

Group meetings TBD

Groups to begin in April 2019