Group Therapy

Sugar Land Counseling Center offers group therapy as a place for people to come together to gain  support in a social environment, to share with others, get feedback from others, and offer feedback to others.  Group therapy is intended to be a safe place and has different benefits from individual therapy.  Groups meet once weekly, and it is important to be able to commit to the group sessions in order to preserve the integrity of the group.  Currently, there is an ongoing group for those in their 20s.   Group therapy rates are only $30-$40 per session.  Continue to check our website periodically as we offer different groups at different times.   To learn more about the current groups, see the descriptions below.   For more information on our groups or to register for a group, please call Sugar Land Counseling Center at 832-876-3232

 20s Group

This group is intended for those in their 20s who  are navigating life transitions such as new careers, independent living, gaining new friendships, and other new facets of life.  Other issues such as mood and relationships  are also addressed.     

Group meets Tuesdays from 5-6 pm 

Group led by James Matson, LCSW